The aim of Tushita is to be of benefit and to contribute to the common welfare by offering tools to cultivate our humanity. At the center we believe that what we offer is precious, that it can help many people and that the benefit from it can go far and be expansive. In order to meet this goal and in order to allow to come to everyone who wants to come, we keep the prices as low as we can and almost everything we do is at a voluntary level. We invite you to make Tushita with us, to collaborate so that we can continue with this aim and view


Friends of Tushita

You can become a “Friend of Tushita”, which is a program of partners with variable contributions.

“Friends of Tushita” will enable us to:   

  • Invite teachers and practitioners.
  • Keep the prices low.
  • Allow people with limited economic resources to enjoy the activities.
  • Carry out the different projects of the center.
  • Maintain and improve the center’s facilities.
  • Support the persons who work on a volunteering basis.

Advantages   As a Friend of Tushita, apart from helping by participating in this project, you will be able to:

  • Have free live access to all the meditations we organize during the week.
  • Free access to all recordings of the online courses and activities we do.
  • Sign up for certain activities during a priority enrollment period (it will be indicated in the description of the activity). Please note that becoming a new “Friend of Tushita” does not give priority for an enrollment period already opened.
  • Enjoy occasional discounts on special activities such as visits of Teachers.
  • Enjoy the third weekend of retreat done during the year without the course fee (for retreats organized by the center).
Become a Friend of Tushita

If you wish to become a Friend of Tushita, please download the registration document (in PDF) and follow the instructions that you will find there.

You can enrol the program using Paypal:

If you cannot open the document because you do not have a PDF reader, you can download one for free at this link:

After filling and sending the above form you can complete the registration using Paypal:

If you wish to cancel an existing membership (done through Paypal) click the following button:


You can make a donation using Paypal.

NOTE: If you wish to make a donation for an amount higher than 500€, please before doing so write us at

Other Ways

If you think you can help us in other ways do not hesitate to contact us. You can write an email to or call +34 972 178 262.